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學術報告:Extrusion-based Digital Concrete Construction – Opportunities and Challenges



  報告題目:Extrusion-based Digital Concrete Construction – Opportunities and Challenges

  報告嘉賓:Professor Viktor Mechtcherine, Director of the Institute for Construction Materials, TU Dresden, Germany



  The interest in digital concrete construction is rapidly increasing, as well as the expectations of this new, promising technology. The methods of digital fabrication with concrete are becoming ever more mature, so that several pilot projects have already been realized worldwide. However, there are still some hurdles to overcome, before 3D-printing with concrete and other digital construction processes can be transferred to construction practice. One of the biggest challenges is the development of a practice-oriented approach for determining, adjusting and testing the required material properties of fresh and hardening concrete. The difficulties in designing the rheological properties of fresh concrete result from different, sometimes conflicting requirements, which are determined by decisive technological steps – material conveying, shaping, depositing and loading by subsequent concrete layers. To think through and to redefine are also relevant methods of material characterization. The presentation will focus on these issues in the context of what is by far the most commonly used digital manufacturing method, namely 3D-printing by selective concrete deposition. However, the conceptual reasoning, theoretical foundations and recommendations with regard to material testing can be analogously applied to other methods.



  Professor Viktor Mechtcherine holds the Chair in Construction Materials and is Director of the Institute for Construction Materials at the Technische Universit?t Dresden, Dresden, Germany. He is Member of Science Academy of Saxony and Russian Engineering Academy, RILEM fellow and holder of several prestigious awards such as Wason Medal for Materials Research, American Concrete Institute (ACI) or Innovation Award of the bauma 2016 Munich (the world-wide biggest exhibition for construction machines) for the development of CONPrint3D Technology (Concrete on-site 3D Printing). Prof. Mechtcherine is editor of the Journals Cement and Concrete Composites and Materials and Structures . He is also Leader of the Priority Program DFG SPP 2005 Opus Fluidum Futurum – Rheology of reactive, multiscale, multiphase construction materials“ and of the Research Training Group DFG GRK 2250 “Mineral-bonded com-posites for enhanced structural impact safety”, both sponsored by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Prof. Mechtcherine authored more than 250 scientific papers, his H-factor is 26 according to Web-of-Science.