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學術報告:Linear combinations of composition operators on Bergman spaces


  報告地點:騰訊會議 會議號:800508413

  報告題目:Linear combinations of composition operators on Bergman spaces

  邀請嘉賓:王茂發 教授(武漢大學)
  報告摘要:Motivated by the question of Shapiro and Sundberg raised in 1990, study on linear combinations of composition operators has been a topic of growing interest. In this talk, we completely characterize the compactness of any linear combination of composition operators with general symbols on the weighted Bergman spaces in terms of three different point views: one is a function theoretic characterization of Julia-Caratheodory type, the second is a measure theoretic characterization of Carleson type, and the other is of power type characterization. Our approach is completely different from what have been known so far.

  嘉賓簡介:王茂發,武漢大學數學與統計學院教授, 博士生導師。主要研究方向是泛函分析及其應用, 特別在函數空間上的算子理論方面取得了豐碩的系列成果。多次承擔國家高技術發展計劃(863計劃)項目、國家基金委重點、面上和教育部等項目, 已在Math Z、J Funct Anal、Sci. China Math、Indiana Uni J Math、J Operator Theory、J Math Anal Appl、Arch Math (Basel)、Banach J. Math. Anal、Complex Var Elliptic Equ、Complex Anal. Oper. Theory 、Ann. Funct. Anal.等國際著名期刊上發表SCI學術論文50余篇。